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Leonid Martynov

Leonid Martynov (1905-1980)

Leonid Martynov is one of the most popular Soviet and Russian poets of the older generation. He was born in the family of a railway engineer in Omsk.
“Richness of invention, free flow of expression and bold transitions from drama to irony lend perennial charm to poems of his which are now anthology favourites,”- said literary critic Lev Ozerov.


Midnight. Strange station lights.
And sorrow that is true.
It`s now I realize
How much I fear for you.

With grief like this at heart
We find fresh water plane,
The sweetest apples – tart,
Tobacco smoke – a bane.

And like a chill steel knife
That strikes between the ribs
Is thinking you may die
Or be an invalid.

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